Gain weight fast-healthy foods and workouts(practically proven)

weight gain fast

How to gain weight fast with healthy foods and workouts(practically proven)

Gain weight is not difficult we need to fix for some time and enjoy the activities and series of actions which need to be undertaken.

Nowadays many peoples are joining gyms for gaining weight, joining a gym is a good habit but if you join for the sake of gain weight is not a good choice. You can do all rihanna weight gain methods and workouts without any others help in the home itself.No need to spend much time just 15 to 30 mins or 45 mins per a day that’s enough.

First I will talk about Food items on the basis of how to gain weight fast: If you want to maintain weight gain diet chart its good practice but it may help you what items you are consuming per day and number of calories going intake.

Healthy foods for Non-Vegetarians(gain weight supplements):

  1. Chicken can be readily available in the market with less cost and rich in proteins and nutrients which works even better than weight gain pills. one study has shown that 100gm of chicken meat contains 25 grams of protein.
  2. ShellfishEating Shellfish like shrimps, lobsters, oysters, and mussels are a delicious and yummy way to gain weight. The shrimps contain necessary acid content and nutrients provides healthy calories and undoubtedly one of the best meal for gain weight.
  3. Eggs are one of the best natural sources of proteins and it contains vitamin A, D, and E along with good cholesterol which does not affect heart health in future. Moreover, Eggs can play a crucial role in height development also.
  4. Lean Red MeatLean cuts of red meat contain a huge amount of protein and iron and very tasty also. Try to choose fatty cuts where the meat is marbled and high in calories but also extremely delicious.
  5. Oily Fishes These are best non-vegetarian foods for gaining weight like salmon and tuna. Salmon is best for putting on lean muscle mass as wells as tuna.

Vegetarian Foods for Healthy Weight Gain(gain weight supplements):

1.nuts and Seedsnuts

nuts and Seedsnuts are enriched in calories and a big source of nutrients. Varieties like peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc. 1 cup of mixed nuts contains approximately 530 calories, 45 grams of fat, 20 grams of carbs and 20 grams of protein and makes a delectable snack.


This is the only one vegetable through which we can make multiple recipes that too with tasty. It costs just 30-40 kg n the market. Potato is one of the finest vegetables which participates in the process of weight loss and to gain weight. potato contains carbs, carbohydrates, amino acids like glutamine, arginine which are essential for gaining weight.

3.Soya bean

Soybean is a healthy high-calorie food that is enriched in fiber, calcium, iron, protein, and B vitamins.


Avacado has potassium, vitamin E,  and folic acid. Half of one avocado gives 140 calories. It can be used in multiple ways like salads, meat dishes, vegetables or used as a spread on toast. Moreover, It plays a crucial role in damaged hair treatments also.


100gm of oats contains 17 grams of protein along with other important minerals. As above said potato participates both weight loss and weight gain oatmeal also preferred item for any kind persons and it is delicious too.


here comes banana which is high in caloric value and readily available in the market with less cost. Banana is great nutrient which is shunned by weight watchers because of its high-calorie content like one banana equals 105 calories source and gives instant boost energy.

Dairy products for gain weight:

Natural and unflavoured Yogurt is a good source for getting muscle weight.


butter is rich in fats and potent dairy product if we add butter in our daily diet in order to bulk up quickly.


Cheese is a delicious healthy dairy product which can be included in any diet and it is having milk which includes a high amount of proteins, fat, calories and calcium.1 cheddar cheese contains 69 calories.

Now Come to the Exercise part::

If you want to gain weight having good healthy weight is not enough as well as exercises, need to calculate the results parallelly. Keep in mind that daily workouts always make fit and sustain a healthy body. These exercises can be practiced on a daily basis in a home itself no need for any gym master.

Day 12x Push Ups2x Hindu Push ups6x Pull-ups2x Triceps Dip3x Ab Circuits
Day 22x Bodyweight Squat2x Squat Jump2x Lunge2x Standing calf raise3x Burpee

Note: For each set, you have to go for 20 reps, Continue day after day these exercises.

The first row belongs to Upper Body & Abs exercises and the second row is about Lower Body workouts. Do these exercise for day 3,4 as well for 2 weeks and you can see immediate some change in your body.

it’s not easy and needs some determination with attention for some period.


Targeted muscles: Shoulders, Pectoral muscles, and Delts

push up gain weight

Hindu Push-Up:

Targeted muscles: Shoulders, Chest, and Triceps

hindu push up

Triceps Dips/Bench Dips:

Targeted muscles: Triceps and Shoulders

triceps for weight gain


Targeted muscles: Lats and Arms

pull up exercise for weight gain

Bodyweight Squats 

Targeted muscles: Quads, Hamstring, and Hip Flexors

squat exercise for weight gain

Jump Squats

Targeted muscles: Quads, Glutes, and Hip Flexors

jump squats

Walking Lunges

Targeted muscles: Hip Flexors, Glutes, and Quads. Check these benefits  at walking lunges exercise

walking lunges

Standing Calf Raises

Targeted muscles: Calves

standing calf rises

Note: gif’s sources from google images

Gain weight pills are drugs or supplements supposed to gain weight. Try to have prescribed drug if and only if your physician suggests to use regularly for gaining weight else it is better to avoid to consume weight gain medicines available in the market with own decision. Because each and every drug has some little bit side effect, moreover if you gain some weight in a limited time period it won’t be suggestable for future purpose.

Please try to search on proper diet for gaining weight and workouts because it plays a crucial role, It is not suggested that if you join a gym and doing some workouts surely give results for gaining weight because if and only if you intake proper diet, relevant exercises and good sleep only result in healthy weight gain.

If you maintain exercises + proper food items = healthy weight gain for a long time.

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