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Home Remedies for Weight Loss | Best methods :

There are many home remedies for weight loss methods are present but out of the best methods, we are going to present.

So before that, we need to understand one thing losing weight is not difficult and not that much easy also.

If you want to lose the weight you need to follow a strict plan for some time.

We are the humans, we can achieve anything if we step a right move by considering our position.

Change is necessary for everything if you need to go ahead.

So think properly have patience, results won’t come within a day/week but surely you will reach the goal.

So, here at weightcompare.com, Our team will keep on researching best and healthy remedies for weight loss and exercises.

Best home remedies for weight loss :

1. Proteins Addition in your diet

  • Protein food is essential for our growth and healthy body weight, our body works to digest anything mostly and need proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates, etc..
  • Try to reduce having junk foods and oily foods to see fast results.

2. Avoiding Processed Foods

  • These are high in sugar intake along with being high in calories and fat components.
  • Processed foods are prepared to induce perpetual desires in the consumer and make them need for processed food more and more.

3. Change Food habits-Store Healthy Foods at Home  

  • Eating pattern will create a place to carry a type of food we stock up at home.
  • Try to have fewer junk foods so that your nose doesn’t go outside of your home.
  • Stack up on natural foods and snacks like yogurt, nuts, fresh fruits, and vegetables.
  • Seeds like chia seeds greatly act as an easy home remedy for weight loss.

4. Best to Consume Unsweetened Coffee

  • Black coffee is a great energizer that also helps in the reduction of weight.
  • Consumption of coffee makes you feel full along with giving a feeling of satisfaction to the body. Sip on Green Tea if possible.

5. Coconut Oil will help you with fast weight loss

  • Coconut oil is thermogenic and will oxidize burn more fat.long-chain fatty acids are usually stored as body fat…
  • One study resulted that medium-chain fatty acids boost metabolism and help burn off stored fat (Source).

It is better suggesting that use coconut oil in place of vegetable oils for cooking and baking purpose.

Moreover, it helps to reduce your appetite but we need to keep in mind that not to overuse coconut oil that too…

6.Engage Yourself with Cardio Exercises for multiple benefits

  • Cardio exercises include jogging, running, cycling, brisk walking, etc. Practicing Cardio exercises not only boost your physical health but your mental health as well.
  • Cardio exercises apart from protecting the heart, also greatly reduce your body weight. Practicing Yoga also stabilizes the mind and weight.

what is meant by weight loss?

Weight loss is the reduction in total body mass that occurs as a result of the loss of body fat, body fluid or adipose tissue or lean mass. Weight loss occurs when the amount of energy expended exceeds energy intake.

There are two types of weight loss it can be intentional weight loss or unintentional weight loss.

Intentional weight loss means if a person can lose weight on purpose, for personal reasons, such as to look good which is done by following a specific diet, and weight loss regime.

If a person loses weight without any concern over six months or in a year due to some underlying health issues or for any other reason that is unintentional weight loss.

Now I go with Intentional weight loss later I will come up with another one…

losing weight or weight gain is not much easy and do not see the result in 1 day or 1/2 months..if we get it through some of the methods which are unhealthy and having side effects and will result in health problems in a long-range

How to lose weight fast – How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight?

You need to keep in mind that the calories, which are nothing but units of energy, that you burn, are more than the calories you take in on a daily basis.

Remember to set realistic weight loss goals

We should not go with fad diets (The diet which is unhealthy but can promise to lose weight), and food deprivations (secure control over enough food ) are not the best ways to go about losing weight. It is vital to set a goal that is both realistic and doable for mostly everyone.

We need to set short-term specific goals such as light physical activity, for example, walking daily for half an hour before that need to keep in mind proper diet combined with physical exercise only resulting proper weight loss.

1 pound is equal to 3,500 calories.

Now we got to know that how many pounds having our body weight,  just calculate how many days does it take to lose weight or gain weight.

Don’t get tense there are shortcut methods to reduce the days but it is dependent on how you consider and showing importance to achieve your goal.

Starting the day with a portion of good, healthy food is will make you active during the day.

Heavy breakfast or skipping breakfasts are not good for the health of any kind. A healthy breakfast helps to boost your metabolism activities for the rest of the day.

Small meals throughout the day keep extra calories away

Take light meals during the day so as not to overeat or binge eat.

Use small plates for having food which reduces food consumption by 30 %.

Please do not starve yourself as that hinders the burning of calories and slows down the metabolism.

Home-cooked meals are somehow low on sugar, choose your ingredients and prepare healthy food in the comforts of your home.

It will be benefited if we avoid eating out and consuming processed foods as much as possible to avoid excess calories.

Do you eat fast, why are you feeling hurry eating is slowly will help your digestion.

It boosts the basal metabolic rate, which could help you burn up calories faster.

It’s a difficult task to pay attention to what you eat in daily life, given the fast-paced lifestyle.

However, tasting your food is important but Focus on what you’re eating.

Having a regular light activity is as good as a rigid workout session.

Physical exercise not only helps burn calories but also improves metabolism. If you feel happy to pick up a dancing habit addition.

Dam sure within after 6 months you can see so many changes in your lifestyle…


Learn From These Mistakes Before You Learn Weight Loss Do’s And Don’ts

Weight Loss

When we talk about weight loss, what comes to our minds? It is simply the reduction of fat in our bodies, which may lead to obesity.

Studies have shown that does who are obsessed have higher risks of high blood pressure.

losing weight does not necessary means we won’t eat or we should eat once in a day, but it simply means eating fewer foods with calories and doing more of exercise.

Because exercise burns calories which is not good at all for our bodies. There are so many things we as humans need to do, so as to reduce our weights and these things are stated below.

Dos of weight loss that you must always have in mind.


1. Always eat clean and healthy foods regularly :

If you want to lose weight, then eating healthy food should be top on your list. Foods like fruits, grains are highly recommended.

2. Always drink enough water before breakfast:

Drinking enough water especially before breakfast is one crime people who want to lose weight always commit. Drinking of water before breakfast helps you to eat little and also helps to burn down the calories which have been consumed by you. So if you must lose weight then you are advised to drink enough water before breakfast.

3. Always creating  a food plan for each week:

For you to succeed in weight loss, you need to love your grocery list. What do I mean by that? You need to set a plan for the week, for the kind of food that you will have that week and you stick to it. Having a meal plan helps you to cut down on your calories consumption. If a meal plan is set, please make sure you stick to it for positive results.

4. Always Have self-control:

Having willpower is a powerful tool in weight loss, why? Because you need to have self-control for things you love to eat, especially, when you are in a gathering, like, parties, weddings, birthdays, etc. The ability to have willpower is a stepping stone to weight loss.

Don’ts of weight loss that you should always keep in mind:


1. Depriving  yourself is not an option:

If you want to lose weight, believe me, starving yourself is not an option. Starving of one’s self may lead to health issues, which you may not want.

2. Reduce your intake of alcohol:

Drinking of alcohol is not bad, that is on a moderate level, but also come to think of it, alcohol is high in calories, it absorbs vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat, and it also slows down the metabolism of blood sugar in the body, which may lead to weight gain.




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