Weight loss programs result: women loses less weight compared to men

weight loss programs result

weight loss programs result:

Nowadays we can see many weight loss programs featuring different weight loss program centers, companies, nutritional agencies but there is one study illustrated one different story. Come we will look into this…

women lose weight slower than men, The study carries among 86 was female and 34 were males with a total of 120 clients.

The reasons are

Men have more muscles in their body frame that make them have a faster metabolism than women.

This is one of the main reasons why they lose weight faster even if they have a moderate diet plan.

Weight loss programs result:

 “According to a 2016 Yale University review, women have much higher levels of estrogen and progesterone which contribute to stronger food cravings than men that can be an inhibitor of weight loss”.

This test resulted that there is a solid association between weight loss with age, gender, and Body Mass Index (BMI) also.

“Weight loss is not a straight road to run a vehicle on itself we can choose any shortcut streets, roads but our ultimate goal is to reach the destination without any risky and in less time.

Women need to focus on healthy weight loss that could be slow but consistent. Even a 5 to 10% decrease in body weight has benefits of improving blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Consistency is the key. If you eat the right food and following a healthy lifestyle will help both men and women achieve their weight loss and health goals. –Sayings from One of the Great Nutritionist

weight loss programs chart
weight loss programs

From the above Table, it can be inferred that mean weight loss among female clients were found to be 2 kg during the 10 days detox and 3.4 kg after the
one-month program.

Among the male clients, the mean weight loss after 10 days detox was 2.5 kg and in the one-month program, the mean weight loss was 4.8 kg.

Analysis of the data using t-tests showed that the gender differences in weight losses after detox found to be statistically significant while gender difference in weight losses after 30 days found to be statistically highly significant (p < 0.001).

So that we need to understand the scientific reasons and need to decide what programs have to follow which will give no negative results at any time……so, please visit weightcompare.com/programs

There are many weight loss clinics gives weight loss programs but it will be costly and some programs help and others don’t.

So if you plan perfectly for 1 year you won’t surprise how well you changed from high weight to get fit.

Thanks for your patience to stay here with heartfully.

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